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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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announcer: local, live, latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: late breaking, a gas station gun battle. michelle: a deputy and the suspect both hurt in the crossfire. the latest on their conditions, plus the tense moments that led up to the shooting. amy: colder air and sunshine tomorrow. . >> florida on high alert as the dangerous zika virus spreads. the health emergency, and the
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michelle: i' we' ll have a live report on the deputy shooting in just a minute. starting off warm. later. -- we have lain on the way. . it will start to spread into the the south. the most of us will get rain between 3:00 p.m. tonight. will die down. for now, the front is pushing to the south. as we head through the day, it
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eventually, it will exit our area over the next day, 18 to 24 hours. a lot of cloud cover. temperatures in the upper 60' s. through thursday, cooler to the north. much warmer to the south where the rain will not arrive until later in the day. 84, melbourne. futurecast, we will talk about the timing of the rain and storms. ted: a power outage here . it is just north of 50. cleaning up an accident. nothing is blocking. plan, said moran boulevard. west at
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similar in -- semoran boulevard. the big stretch from the dean road toll plaza to i-4 is nine short minutes. jason: late breaking, a marion county sheriff' s deputy is recovering after being hurt in a gas station shootout. michelle: detectives say a man with guns opened fire last night at the marathon-kangaroo gas station on baseline and cherry roads. that' s where alex villareal is right now. alex: we know the conditions of both men who were shot. the man who shot at deputies here was listed in critical condition. he has been identified as daniel trammell. we are working to learn the identity of the suspect. the sheriff' s office has not
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it started at 7:00 last night when deputies got a 911 call. when they got to the gas station, the man had two handguns on him and was getting out of a car. he raised one of the guns to his head. he defied their commands to put the weapons down and opened fire on them. a witnessed watched the whole thing unfold. >> the officers were telling him to put the gun down, don' t do this. alex: our hearts stopped when we heard it was one of our own. meanwhile, the police will be investigating this.
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fires a weapon. us as we get more information about what happened last night, we will bring the details to you. jason: thank you. right now, the zika virus is triggering a public health emergency in four florida counties. jazmin walker is here with how state officials are responding today. jazmin: governor rick scott signed the order for miami-dade, hillsborough, lee and santa rosa counties yesterday. this afternoon, he' ll give an update on the state' s efforts to stay ahead of the spread of the virus. there are nine cases of zika in florida, all travel-related, which means sufferers were bitten by infected mosquito state officials say they' re going to pay special attention to mosquito spraying. experts say a rash and fever are possible symptoms but pregnancy is the major concern. >> after a week they get better but we are looking at more the complications if a woman is pregnant. >> brand usa, all the major
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preparing for a crisis, but that is nothing compared to what is happening in brazil. alex: brazil is where we' re seeing the majority of birth defects as result of zika. mosquito bites are the main mode of infection but it can also be spread by having sex with an infected person. governor' s scott' s update is 1:30 this afternoon. we' ll have more on his plans on wesh 2 news first at four. michelle: seminole county' s so-called junk man is out on bond this morning, after his second arrest. alan davis was arrested during a traffic stop wednesday for a warrant on charges of felony littering and misdemeanor nuisance. the warrant was issued after deputies cleaned up 70,000 pounds of trash from his altamonte springs yard in september. they say davis had been told several times to clean up. he was also arrested on similar charges in 2014. jason: the debate is on, between the democrats in new hampshire tonight.
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wednesday to show up at the msnbc debate. the republican race also remains hot this morning. tracie potts has the latest from the campaign trail. >> the debate is hillary clinton' s last chance to take on bernie sanders face-to-face before new hampshire votes on tuesday. >> if it is about our records, i am going to win by a landslide. >> sanders has a double-digit lead here. he is hammering clinton on her six-figure speeches. >> i do not know progressives who has a super pack and pays $15 million to wall street. >> i do not know. that is what they offered. >> donald trump is claiming he could have won iowa if ted cruz had not sent out questionable mailers and spent -- and spread
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>> these politicians are brutal. they are dishonest cookies. >> i laugh at the latest thing donald has tweeted. he is losing it. >> marco rubio is going ted cruz, too. do anything. smaller. rick santorum dropped out and endorsed rubio. >> rand paul is also dropping out with no endorsements. jason: this morning, presidential candidate donald trump is not just in the running for president but also the nobel peace prize. an anonymous person nominated trump for his strong ideology and commitment to take out isis. other projected nominees include greek island groups welcoming syrian refugees as well as national security agency leaker edward snowden. the winner of the 2016 nobel peace prize will be announced in october. the case against bill cosby is
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rejected his claim that he has immunity. cosby argued that a former prosecutor promised to never press charges in exchange for his testimony in a civil suit against him, but the judge disagreed. prosecutors must now prove they have enough evidence to proceed to trial. cosby could face 10 years in prison if convicted of assaulting a woman in 2004. michelle: the massive recall of cars equipped with takata airbags is expanding this morning. the company is now telling the 12 affected automakers that more recent airbags are also at risk of exploding. that includes models made after 2008. the defect is already the biggest recalling in the history of the auto industry. more than 20 million cars have been recalled. this morning, health officials in flint, michigan are trying to determine whether the city' s toxic water crisis is related to a series of skin rashes. even though rashes are common, the department of health says they want to make sure those cases aren' t related to the lead-laced water. they are planning to interview residents who report skin rashes
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homes. jason: the front that will hit us today is leaving devastation across the nation. the national weather service will survey damage. it appears most was caused by wind gusting up to 50 miles per hour. in tennessee, though whether or service confirmed an ef- 1 tornado. several homes were also damaged. flooding is a big concern. michelle: your morning commute should be calm. jason: right now, you will probably not need a jacket. amy: it is warm this morning. it will be warm again today. we will still be in the 70' s. we have our wind coming out of
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66 is our coolest temperature in palm coast. 70 degrees in the villages. most of the rain is off to our north. the rain will be heading south later today. it is going to take time for that to happen. most of us will not see rain until this afternoon and evening. our northern spots may see a few scattered showers thanks to this cold front that will drift southward. when you look at futurecast, you will see a little bit of rain. and most of us wait until afternoon and evening between 3:00 and 5:00. there will be a few thunderstorms in bedded in here. once the dry air works in, we will have a breezy and cool day. more sunshine for friday.
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time for traffic. ted: a crash earlier on goldenrod road. this involves a vehicle that struck a poll. if you encounter flashing lights, treat them as a four-way stop. westbound on the right side before the airport toll plaza, delays have not started yet. things are looking good on the 528. quiet on the 408. on the right side, i-4 westbound in between the area of altamonte springs and maitland boulevard. traffic is looking good. no delays from altamonte into orange. still pretty much where it should be. michelle: up next, help for a local homeless crisis. jason: the big boost to help solve the problem in daytona
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michelle: right now, a deputy is recovering after a shootout. a man with two guns fired at him outside a gas station. the deputy has an injury to his leg. jason: deputies are trying to figure out what led to a shooting. two people were shot inside a tax office. the bullet tore through a nearby business. deputies are not looking for suspects. michelle: hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face-off for the last time before the new hampshire primary. sanders has a double-digit lead over clinton. covering volusia county, daytona beach is making progress on the city' s homeless problem. jason: officials came up with a temporary fix with hopes of drafting a long term plan. brett connolly is here, brett county leaders are being asked to weigh in. brett: tonight at a county council session a request will be made for a joint discussion between daytona beach city commission and the volusia
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they are desperately trying to find a solution that is currently costing taxpayers around $6,000 a week. more than 100 homeless people camped out at a downtown building for over a month. city and county leaders argued over how to handle it the business community raised $100,000 to meet the needs of a growing problem. that money will be used for food, shelter, and transportation. the homeless have been removed from downtown, many now sheltered at the salvation army. as disturbing as the very public display of homelessness was for the city, some think it finally pushed leaders to act. >> it ignited everything, now people are working together, they' re talking communications, city and county are meeting and hopefully we' ll stop pointing fingers and solve the problem. >> an additional $10,000 was raised by the lodging and hospitality association.
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million dollars to build safe harbor a 250 bed facility to , temporarily house the homeless. but many city leaders say a more permanent solution is still needed. jason: experts say experiments to create babies from the dna of three different people are ok. the national academy of medicine says so-called three parent babies could be a way for people with a high risk of genetic diseases to have healthy children. however, they say the food and drug administration should carefully monitor those experiments. michelle: a lucky lottery player in california has just hours to claim a $63 million prize. the ticket was purchased last august, but if the prize isn' t claimed by 8:00 tonight that money is gone. if no one comes forward it would be the third largest unclaimed ticket in u.s. history. the search is also on to find a local winner of the $1.5 billion dollar powerball jackpot. that ticket was purchased in
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how do you not claim that money. jason: if it is unclaimed, it should go to the school system or something. amy: we do not have any rain now. most of the later kids that had out, middle schoolers will be ok. it will not start rolling in until around lunchtime. showers today. be prepared for it. not a lot right now. temperatures are warm again. we are in the upper 60' s, right around 70.
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colder and windy here. we have a cold front on the way. notice all the showers heading off to the north and east. this front is going to start pushing to the south later today. as it does, the rain will push south as well. it is not doing it yet. we need to wait a couple of hours. cloud cover this morning. a few breaks. we are going to start off with some sunshine. before noon, a little rain developing north and west. you can see the i-four corridor -- the i-4 corridor. they slowly push and. notice the biggest coverage,
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between three and -- 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. thunderstorms will push off the coast. i do not expect severe weather. into the evening, a little bit of rain that will last until midnight. overnight, once the rain pushes out, we will get cooler air high temperatures today warm. cooler in spots that get clouds s. around 80, orlando. farther south, we will have more time for temperatures to climb. we will hit 84 in palm bay. 78, daytona beach. tomorrow, cold air comes in. in the afternoon, most of us in s and near 60' s. saturday, some rain, the not until later in the day. a little rain early sunday. the cool blast again,
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time for traffic. ted: good morning. we are seeing a crash on goldenrod road. it is not blocking the roadway. the traffic signal is out. treat it as a four-way stop. a live picture of the 408, not seeing the big back up getting on tie four. -- getting on to i-4. looking at the 528, westbound, looking good. is moving. jason: up next, time to draft team.
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how a family jason: caught on camera, a heart-stopping crash in the middle of a busy highway in england. a car skids on its roof across several lanes.
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then hit the median. we will slow it down so you can see it again. the family inside that flipped vehicle, including a baby, were all ok. no word on that other driver. coming up on super bowl sunday. central florida will be well represented. michelle: overnight we found out a dozen local players will take the field, in the puppy bowl. take a look, these pups were all rescued from our area. they are from florida little dog rescue, which has more players on the roster than any other group from around the country. they are so cute. all these dogs will be available for adoption after the big game. jason: the florida state fair opens today in tampa. gates open this morning at 10:00 a.m. concerts, animal shows, gun shows and more run through february 15. don' check out this year' s choice awards for fair food. the bacon bomb explosion burger. it, before it' s wrapped in bacon, and topped with a couple slices of bacon. there is cheese on it, too.
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ice cream burger. i will take two of those. if you are just joining us, we are learning new information overnight.
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michelle: witnesses tell announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. >> a shoot out at a gas station sends a deputy and a suspect to the hospital. alex: i am live in marion county with new information from deputies plus why a witness says the suspect looked like he was ready to die. michelle: in brevard county office building, investigators -- what witnesses that -- say they did to the shooter. jason: the search this morning for batman. i am jason guy. with us. michelle: i am michelle imperato. this is our camera facing
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it is another warm morning in central florida in february. amy sweezey is tracking our rain chances. amy: the rain we will see later this afternoon and evening will usher in colder air so tomorrow morning we will not talking about another warm spot -- start. little bit of sunshine this morning and not a whole lot of rain in most spots until we get to lunchtime and then into the afternoon and evening. we will see much more coverage of showers and storms. no jackets needed this morning. it is nice and warm. wind coming in out of the south. we have rain on the way. north. south. -- pushing south. until it starts getting a push rain here.
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will begin to see this front push through our area so we will see those showers, even a few brevard county. cooler. won' t get into southern brevard. we will talk about the timing of that rain coming up. we need to get traffic update. ted: we are live at goldenrod road and base road which you are looking at an accident where a . between 50 and university boulevard, we have 1100 people without power malik. florida highway patrol is saying the traffic signal is safe. treat them as four-way stops. we have a crash on cimmaron on
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live picture here eastbound on the right side of the screen at i-4 church street through downtown orlando. morning congestion has not started just yet. westbound on the right side of the street in between all to mont and maitland, strive still looking -- drive still looking really good. jason: the man deputies say triggered a shootout is in critical condition. michelle: gunfire left a deputy the exchange are shot. it happened outside a gas station at baseline and cherry road near a ocala. alex villareal' s live. alex: you can see behind me that it is business as usual at this gas station. last night, it was the scene of an intense shootout , and exchange of gunfire between an armed man and deputies.
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suspect was in critical condition while the deputy who was shot, daniel trammell , was stable after being shot in the leg. this happened around 7:00 last night. when they got to the gas station, deputies say the man had two handguns on him and he was getting out of a car. he raised one of the guns to his hand and defied their commands to put both weapons down. that is when they fired back. wesh 2 talked to a witness that said the man was taunting deputies and it seemed like he was ready to die. >> the whole thing was at least 20 minutes so they tried to do everything to talk him out of it. he shot first rounds. after that, it broke out.
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alex: two men were injured in this shootout. that deputy plus the suspect. chris blair says our hearts all stopped when he -- we heard one of our own had been shot on duty tonight. he is asking the community for his prayers and healing thoughts. the sdlp will be investigating this. -- sdlp -- fdle will be investigating this. live in marion county, alex villareal. jason: we are waiting to find out what led up to chaos at the brevard county tax office. three people were hurt when bullets went flying. jazmin, investigators say they are not looking for suspects. jazmin: no shooter on the run in this case but deputies have not
6:30 am
the details we are getting from a man who says his cousin was one of the three people shot. you see him talking with deputies here. he was sitting outside on clearlake road, he wrestled with the shooter after hearing six gunshots. >> my cousin already got grazed. he is already bleeding . he just chatted -- shot my cousin. michelle: that is the car the sooner -- shooter drove off in. investigators are not saying who the shooter was. shot multiple times. two other people were airlifted as trauma alert. michelle: a judge will soon decide of a man charged in a
6:31 am
trial. armando montalvo lunged at them after harassing a female people. montalvo. a date has not yet been set. jason: closing arguments began in a seminole county cutter -- lottery ticket. the -- both claim to have purchased the winning ticket back in 2007. brown says poirier dumped him after winning. michelle: this boy is recovering after being hit by a miami police cruiser. he wrote his scooter into the middle of the road. the officer hit the child.
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leg, and severe cuts. jason: democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders will make one last pitch to the voters of new hampshire tonight. they face-off in their final debate before the primary thursday -- tuesday. >> for the first time since the democratic field was pared down to two, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will survey head-to-head tonight. we got a preview at a wednesday night town hall. the two candidates are squaring off over their progressive credentials. kentucky republican rand paul has bowed out to focus on his senate reelection campaign and rick santorum ended his run and endorsed marco rubio. calling him a born leader. a former first lady is joining the republican race. to hit the
6:33 am
tomorrow for her son, jeb. jason: the attorney for a florida man shot by sheriff' s deputies is calling by -- on the state legislature. jurors found palm beach county sheriff' s sergeant adam lind violated dontrell stephens' s still right. -- civil rights. stevens was awarded $23 million. any amounts over $200,000 must be approved by lawmakers. michelle: record tourism is leading to record tax collections for orange county. hotel taxes in december were just over $22 million. that is the highest amount for that month. it is 12% higher than last year. the taxes are charged on mostly hotel rooms.
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jason: we have got to figure out that we need to prepare for in the day ahead. michelle: definitely no jacket needed but grabbed that umbrella, whatever raingear you have. showers later on today. amy, how is it feeling? amy: i will my standing out here without a coat tomorrow morning. today, it is breezy and not bad at all. we have got temperatures in the upper 60' s. upper 70' s, lower 80' s, but we do have rain on the way. we will keep rain north of the i-4 corridor before lunchtime. right now, all the rain is up to our north and not moving in
6:38 am
we have got scattered clouds what we will start the day with sun and watch futurecast here. rain starts rolling in by lunchtime. to the south, you will not get much rain until later this afternoon. showers and storms starting to approach the i-4 corridor and then pushed down closer into brevard county. couple of thunderstorms in there as well as into the sunset timeframe, after dark, there will still be a few lingering showers but the clouds and rain will start working out of here overnight. cool air coming in tomorrow. one more warm day as we climbed to 80 degrees on average. i will show you who will be warmer and cooler than 80 coming up in just a few minutes. let' s send it back inside. ted: 6:34 -- 6:44 right
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we are looking at live picture of goldenrod road and ates road. we were dealing with a power outage. some power has been restored and we know the chopper was overseen -- is over the scene right now. you can see the traffic is not severely impacted going through this area. goldenrod to base. if there are any traffic signals still out treat them as four-way stops. eastbound i-4, just before state road four, we have a centerline block. traffic a little bit slow on the approach. you will be moving again. i-4 in downtown orlando at that camera, thinks not so bad going from john young to the loyal. jason: a villain in disguise robbing and orlando gas station. michelle: this guy, dressed as
6:40 am
jason: brett connolly joins us with more. brett: interesting choice for a robbery but you have got to admit the costume and mask does the job of blocking disguise identity. more of the surveillance video, this is 8:00 tuesday night. he is armed behind the checkout counter, manning cash -- demanding cash. he then just casually walks out that front door. a barbershop owner next door has a message for the imposter. >> i would tell him turn yourself in and get help. stop this before you hurt somebody. >> the clerk complied with those demands and was not hurt. the this guy is responsible for another robbery 90 minutes later at a dollar store five miles down the road. they have not released that
6:41 am
michelle: wesh 2 investigates the murder of a local lottery winner. >> do you ever wish, dd -- dee dee that you had never met abraham shakespeare. >> absolutely. i would not be imprisoned for something i did not do. jason: from dd more -- dee dee moore. catch michelle' tonight at 6:00. florida has the drownings in the nation. the sunshine state has more states combined last year. 46 children drowned. that is down from 50 in 2014.
6:42 am
vote on the so-called pastor protection act. this will allow clergy members to refuse performing same-sex syringe -- marriage ceremonies. it was proposed by republican scott clay can -- scott play can -- scott plaki n. a group of protesters will be opposing several gun laws in florida. the group delivered books with comments from people all over the country to orlando mayor buddy dyer. the statehouse spent -- sent two gun bills to the senate
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jason: avo: when account lead craig
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avo: he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. avo: so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. avo: and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf! craig: great. client: better yet, how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! secretary: your 2 o'clock is here. client: oops, hold your horses. craig: no problem. avo: la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. avo: the ready for you alert, only at craig: laquinta! > it is going to be a cool -- warm day. it is our last one for a while. we will not break any records but we will get close in melbourne, especially. the farther south you live, the warmer you will be. north, we will have clouds and
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right now, if you are heading out, we are in the upper 60' s-around 70. what we are waiting for is this rain. we have a cold front to our north. this front, so far, is not pushing to the south too much. notice how this rain is riding along this front. pull to the northeast by an area of low pressure up there. to the next couple of hours, we will get pushed to the south and as it does some of the rain in north florida will head down into central florida. for now, this morning is quiet. we have a little bit of sun that we will start the day with. clouds will be filling in for sure. into lunchtime, we will start to see those showers begin to move into central florida. notice, everything north and
6:46 am
afternoon, we see more rain pushing south. we are going to get higher rain amounts today. a few downpours and also some rain happening. 1-2.5 rain totals today. you can see, there is 5:00. we are dealing with numerous pockets of storms and rain and after dark tonight, the heavy rain pushes off the coast and we have a few lingering showers until about midnight. after midnight, the dry air starts working in. the rain ends, the clouds start breaking apart and that cooler air starts to settle in for tomorrow. highs today, cooler north and west. mid 70' s across much of marion county. farther south we will hit 81 in kissimmee, 79 deltona, 78
6:47 am
74 in palm bay and melbourne. rain will not role in until this afternoon and evening. tomorrow, cooler and drier. the weekend will not be a washout but we will be cool into next week. ted: coming up, we have the chopper over the bates road at colonial drive crash where you can see the electric company still working on restoring a portion of power. goldenrod road, the traffic signal is working again but you might encounter one or two that are still off. here is the dot camera. a crash that is balking the rain , it was backing up about 10 minutes ago. not there just yet. just west of 46 on the way to
6:48 am
traffic from lake mary and longwood to the seminal rest area. that will cost you 18 minutes. jason: deputy is recovering after a shootout at a local gas station. michelle: a man with two guns fired outside the station near ocala. the suspect is in critical condition. brevard county deputies are trying to figure out what led to a shooting that lets -- left three people with injuries. a third person was injured when a will it tore through a nearby business. michelle: seminole counties junkman is out on bond this morning after his second arrest. alan davis was arrested during a traffic stop for a warrant on charges of fellow in -- felony, littering. >> daytona beach is asking the volusia county council to weigh
6:49 am
problem. a joint meeting at tonight' s session. working to find a solution
6:50 am
wesh 2 bring rain later today. no showers yet but it is warm as you are getting out the door. 70 degrees right now. it will be another warm day. rain starts to roll in by lunchtime north and west of i-4. we won' t see rain and thunderstorms until the of us. the rain will die down after sunset tonight until about midnight. once the rain ends, cooler, drier air comes in tomorrow. late saturday-early sunday it will not be a washout. ted: we have a crash on merritt island and brevard county. you might want to use 520 to get around that one. a live picture of i-4, this is eastbound of the crash. it was causing some backups a few minutes ago.
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rest area to colonial.
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